From Nature Pastoral Co. - Premium saltbush meats

About us - a passion for innovation

The property "Canegrass Station" is endorsed by NASAA as a certified organic farm and has achieved this over the past three years through a rigorous farm management and animal husbandry program to provide a high quality premium range of saltbush meats.

The company has a commitment to sustainable farming practices and employs innovative farming techniques to ensure not only the well being of the animals on the property, but also of the land to ensure continuity and quality product for generations to come.

We are also able to source other product that fits this quality criteria, to ensure consistency of supply year round to meet market demands.

From our family to your family

Family owned and operated, From Nature Pastoral Co. strives to ensure strict adherence to quality guidelines as a totally vertically integrated business across supply, processing and packaging for sale to ensure only the best in quality when it reaches its final destination.

We have extensive experience in operating in both domestic and export markets across a range of industries, and this experience flows on to the From Nature brand. With our retail range, you and your family can enjoy the very best that "mother nature" has to offer.

Canegrass Station

Our property is located in the North Eastern Pastoral District of South Australia, consisting of 500 square kilometres of natural saltbush country.