From Nature Pastoral Co. - Premium saltbush meats

Cooking with saltbush meats

Keep it simple - less is more when preparing and cooking saltbush meat.

Marinades, spices and sauces should be used sparingly to compliment, rather than overpower, the already unique flavour. Over-garnishing should also be avoided, allowing the saltbush flavour to speak for itself. Small amounts of of simply prepared vegetables or lightly dressed salad is recommended.

Lamb and hogget

Most sheep products can be cooked in a similar method to lamb. Care should be taken not to overcook the meat, as it is predominantly leaner than other common meat varieties.

Chevon and capretto (goat meat)

Chevon (goat) meats prefer a more slow, low heat cooking style, commonly known as moist heat cooking. The firm, full flavoured meat is excellent for curry, braises or stews. On the bone or off, chevon is a must try for winter. The younger "capretto" can be treated similarly to saltbush sheep products and will tolerate a more aggressive cooking method such as grilling, roasting or even direct frying. Care must always be taken to minimise moisture loss, so serve chevon and capretto slightly pink on the inside (medium). A light marinade can be used, however as with all of our saltbush range - less is best.