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Saltbush meat products

We can provide a full range of traditional cut sheep and goat meat, from whole animal to gourmet products. In addition, the company is constantly developing new and innovative value added products destined for the hospitality and food service industries.

Saltbush Lamb and Hogget

Lamb and HoggetThe sheep used by us are predominantly from the Dorper breed, bred for dry climates. The animals shed their wool naturally, minimising the need for chemical treatment - meaning no shearing, mulesing or crutching is required.

At From Nature Pastoral Co., we consider our stock as part of our family. Our station manager is at the forefront of modern stock management and animal husbandry, with prime breeding stock becoming available.

The stock we prefer to use for our products are around 8 to 18 months of age, and have cut at least one set of teeth. Once the stock has cut teeth, the animal will be feeding predominantly on the saltbush plant, rather than mother's milk. From a flavour perspective, the meat will not only be more robust, but will reflect the true taste of Australia's outback.

Saltbush Chevon

Free range ChevonThe saltbush Chevon (goat meat) is a true free range, naturally occurring product in this area. We have a full complement of goat meat products available on enquiry. The meat is highly sought after in many countries as a lean alternative to other red meats.


With a team comprised of meat and non-meat industry professionals, our vision to look outside the square in terms of processing and value adding, results in innovation for the industry. From Nature Pastoral Co. works in close conjunction with its processing partners to ensure total quality of product from paddock to plate. The company is always looking for new and innovative ways to process product to ensure only the highest quality premium saltbush meats are supplied.

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